Uncapped Spells

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Pure and multiclass casters

Pure caster: No cap! It goes up to 40.
Multiclass: Cap as listed here.
In addition the multiclass caster level calculation applies. Up to level 20 it's your caster level. After 20 it's: 20 + 1d(caster level - 20).

Basic Spells

  • Greater Magic Weapon +1 Enchantment every 5 levels. Caps at +5 at 25.

List of Divine Spells

  • Barkskin: Plant Domain: 2-5 ac, caps at 21
  • Barkskin: Druid +2-7 caps at 33 
  • Cure Critical Wounds : Has a linear progression to 40, adds healskill to damage healed' 
  • Cure Light Wounds: Has a linear progression to 40, adds healskill to damage healed 
  • Cure Minor wounds:Has a linear progression to 40 , adds healskill to damage healed 
  • Cure Moderate Wounds: Has a linear progressionto 40 , adds healskill to damage healed 
  • Cure Serious Wound: Has a linear progression to 40, adds healskill to damage healed 
  • Divine Favor +1 dmg/ab every 6 lvls caps at +5 at 30th 
  • Divine Power: divine power progression now +1 per 4 caster level to +5 max but subtract extra ab gained from str or dex over 18 
  • Energy Drain: Drains 2d10 lvls 
  • Glyph of Warding: caps at 25, doing 1d8 x caster lvl 
  • Hammer of the Gods: uncapped to 30, 1d8 x caster lvl 
  • Healing Circle: has a linear progression to lvl 40 
  • Inflict Wounds line: linear progression to 40 
  • Negative Energy Ray: uncapped to 10d6 
  • Magic Vestment +1 ac every 6th lvl, caps at +5 at 30th 
  • Shield of Faith: +1 ac Deflection every 6th caster lvl, caps at +5 ,30th caster lvl 
  • SoundBurst: 15d8 Sonic Dmg ,caps at lvl 15 
  • Storm of Vengeance: Does 2D20 + caster lvl acid dmg and 2d20 +2x caster lvl electric dmg uncapped to 40th(i think couldnt find any cap notation but it is a lvl 9 spell) 

List of Sorc/Wiz Spells

  • Acid Splash; Uncapped to 10d3
  • Awaken: Added +1 ac every 4 caster lvls, 
  • Blade Thirst: works as Greater Magic Weapon and on all weapons instead of slashing ones 
  • Bombardment: uncapped to 40d8 
  • Burning Hands: uncapped to 15d4 
  • Call Lightning: Uncapped to 25, does 1d12 per 2 caster lvls. 
  • ChainLightning: uncapped to 40d6 
  • Circle of Doom: unacpped to 35d6 
  • Cloudkill: Uncapped to 35 
  • Combust : uncapped to 20, dmg 2d6 + caster lvl 
  • Cone of Cold: uncapped to 35d6 
  • Crumble: uncapped to 40d6 
  • Death Armor: uncapped to 1d4 +10 at 20th 
  • Delayed Fireball Blast: uncapped to 40d6 
  • Destruction : uncapped to 40d6 on a passed save 
  • Earthquake: uncapped to 40d8 
  • Electric Jolt: uncapped to 10d3 
  • Evard's black tentacles: Known bug fixed for grapple-check for medium-size-creatures. Enhancement bonus (to bypass damage reduction) now improves by 1 every 5 caster levels, to a maximum of 5.
  • Fireball Uncapped to 25d6 
  • FireBrand: uncapped to 30d6 
  • Firestorm: uncapped to 40d6 
  • Flame Arrow: uncapped to 25, has 6 arrows doing 4d6 at 25 
  • Flame Lash: uncapped to 20, does d6(2+ random caster lvl ) for 12-132 dmg 
  • Flame Strike: uncapped to 30, 1d6 x 1/2 caster lvl fire damage, 1d6 x 1/2 caster lvl divine damage 
  • Gedlee's Electric Loop uncapped to 10d6 
  • Ghoul Touch: uncapped to 20, does -10 to attack, dmg ,saves and skills. 
  • Greater Missile Storm : uncapped to 30 
  • Healing Sting: 25d6 
  • Horizikauls boom: 15d4 
  • Horrid Wilting: uncapped to 40th, does caster x d8 dmg 
  • Ice Dagger: 15th 
  • Ice Storm: uncapped to 30, for 3d6 + caster lvl D6' 
  • Incendiary Cloud: uncapped to lvl 40, doing Casterlvl x d6 on entry of cloud 
  • inferno: Does 4d6 per round + 1 per level, cap at 10 
  • Lesser Missile Storm : no change 
  • Lightning bolt: uncapped to lvl 25, doing 25d6 
  • Magic Missile: Number of missiles: (casterlevel + 1) / 2, Limited to 10 missiles; Damage 1d4 + 1 per missile; Damage for pure caster 2d4 + casterlevel / 5
  • Mestil's Acid Breath: 25d6 
  • Meteor Swarm: uncapped to 40d10 
  • Natures Balance: uncapped to 40th lvl 
  • Poison: Added Acid Dmg, 25d6 at 25th 
  • Power Word Kill: BWorm--changed if used on single it will kill a creature with up to d20(CasterLvl)HP 
  • Power word Stun: stun 1d4 rounds 251-350hp 2d4 rds on 151-250hp and 4d4rds on <150 
  • Quill Fire: 25d6 
  • Ray of Frost: 10d4 
  • Scintillating Sphere: 25th 
  • Searing Light: Uncapped to 25d6 vs undead, 12d8 vs Living, 12d6 vs constructs, cap 25 lvls 
  • Sunbeam: 40d6 
  • Sunburst: 40d8 to undead 
  • Tensers Transformation: no polymorph, 100% spell failure (no spell casting), 1 extra attack at full bab, +1 Attack bonus per 2 levels, +4 Dodge AC, +8 on Fortitude Saves, Bonus HP 120 + 1d6 per caster level, raise Str to 20 (if already >= 20 add 2d2), raise Dex to 22 (if alredy >= 22 add 2d2)
  • Vampiric touch: Uncapped to 25d6 
  • Wall of Fire: 4d6+ 2x Class Lvl ,caps at 30 
  • Weird : Uncapped to 40 levels there are two saves for death if they are made d8(CasterLevel) is done 
  • Wounding Whispers: 1d2 per caster lvl up to 40

Epic Spells

  • Dragon Knight, looks like duration was increased to 24 hours (from 20 rounds).
  • Greater Ruin: Damage has been increased to d8(nCasterLevel*2) from d6(35). Caster level takes into account the pure caster limitations.
  • Hellball: Damage increased to d10(casterlevel / 2). Duration of Knockdown against NPCs is 3 rounds. Caster and party members don't get Knocked down and only take fire damage, not the other elements.