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Tailoring involves both the creation of leather and cloth and the creation of leather and cloth based items. These items include various armor types, boots, belts, gloves and cloaks. To create cloth the player must harvest cotton. To create leather, the player must obtain animal skins. These can be acquired by hunting the desired animal and skinning it. To skin an animal, the player must equip a Skinning Knife on the animal corpse. Animal skins are unique to each animal. To create leather, the skins must first be cured. This process is done at the Curing Tub and uses various ingredients. These can be found in the CNR Recipe Spreadsheet. Leather is created at the Hide Rack and requires a cured hide and tanning oil. Tailors must also possess a Sewing Kit in their inventory in order to use the Tailors Table. To craft leather armor and other pieces of clothing, the player must combine the appropriate leather or cloth, a pattern and any other required ingredients. If successful, the item will be placed in the player’s inventory. If unsuccessful, the items will be destroyed. To create a pattern, the player must include a Book of Patterns and a piece of cloth. These are also made using the Tailors Table. Tailoring also has a few special recipes that make special items. These can also be found in the CNR Recipe Spreadsheet. Dexterity (65%) and Intelligence (35%) are the key abilities for Tailoring.

1: all cured hides is made in the curing pool. You need a flask of taning acid and salt. The ammount of salt varies with the size of the hide to cure (small 1 salt, medium 2 salt and large 3 salt). In general, a bat hide is small, while a malar hide is large.

2: tanned hides are put in the hide rack together with a flask of tanning oil, to produce a leather.

3: the leather can be used in the tailors workstation, together with cloth patterns (and enchanting oils).

1: all tailored goods are made in the tailors workstation, using various amounts of cotton and other ingredients.

Tailored Items (Table)

Healing Kit +1: 2 cotton, 1 garlic clove, 1 aloe leaf. (other varieties are craftable, but require more of these ingredients) - will be removed shortly, use the new Healing Kit Crafting
Leather Armor: 1 cloth pattern and 3 tanned hides (studded leather and hide may also be created)
Magic Bags: 2 leather, 2 enchating oil, 1 cloth pattern (only cougar, crag cat, lion and malar are useable).
Cloth: Cotton and Silk may be used to make a few different varieties of clothing, gloves, boots, and cloaks.
Malar Items: These have their own category in out crafting system. Malar leather can be used to produce bags, boots, gloves, belts, and armor.


Black Leather Armor AC v/s slashing +1
Brown Leather Armor Damage Resist Pericing 5, Will saves +1
Cougar Leather AC v/s Pericing +1. Concentration +2
Crag Cat Leather Damage Resist Slashing 5, Spell Immunity Charm Person
Dire Bear Leather AC Bonus 5, Damage Reduction +1 Soak 5 damage
Dire Tiger Leather AC +4, Fortitude Save +1
Grizley Leather Armor +2
Jaguar Leather Armor Damage Resist Bludgeon 5
Leopard Leather AC v/s Bludgeon +3, Reflex Saves +1
Lion Leather Armor AC +1, Saves v/s Fear +2
Malar Leather AC +2, Hide +1, Move Silently +1
Panther Leather Hide +2, Move Silently +2
Polar Leather AC +1, Damage Resist Cold 20
White Stag Leather Armor Immunity Disease, Low Light White
Worg Leather AC v/s Goblinoid +1, Damage Resist Bludgeon 5

Cloth Belt
Leather Belt
Malar Belt Const +1, Discipline +3
Silk Belt Reflex +2

Cloth Boots, AC +1 Dodge, Reflex +3
Leather Boots
Malar Boots AC +`2
Silk Boots AC +2 Dodge , Hide +4, Move Silently +4

Cloth Gloves, Dex +1
Malar Gloves Saves Fort +2
Silk Gloves give Concentration +5, Spellcraft +5, two bonus spells (one each lvl 1 and 2 of every starting class)

Cloth Cloak
Malar Cloak Const +1, AC +1
Silk Cloak AC +1, Reflex Saves +2

Gloves of Fury Strength +1
Leather Gloves 20% weight Reduction
Studed Fists Bludgeon Damage 2

Magic Bags
Malar bag: 80% weight reduction
Lion bag: 60% weight reduction
Crag cat bag: 40% weight reduction
Cougar bag: 20% weight reduction

There are also 4 sets of "special" boots that can be tailored:
Boots of the North (AC Modifier +2 (Dodge), Damage Resist.: Cold 5/-)
Boots of Hellfire (AC Modifier +2 (Dodge), Damage Resist.: Fire 5/-)
Boots of the Sewers (AC Modifier +2 (Dodge), Damage Resist.: Acid 5/-)
Boots of the Planar Winds (AC Modifier +2 (Dodge), Damage Resist.: Electricity 5/-)