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Complete Soul Forge Item List

Soul Forge Items

Note regarding restrictions: Custom Item Level Restrictions, or CILR, are restrictions that cannot be bypassed with use magic device. The term "Warrior" means any combination of full BaB classes, including prestige classes.

Beware: This list may contain more details than you like to see. If you are an adventurer who likes to find out everything on his own, you probably should not check the list at all. The following details are listed:

  1. Base Item
  2. Name of the Item
  3. Properties
  4. Info on
    1. Tradeskill: Tradeskill Information: (yes / no)
    2. Drops: Creature to kill, incl. its spawn location
    3. Merchants: Merchant to buy it from, incl. the location of the NPC
    4. Quests:Person to talk to if it is a quest item, incl. the location of this NPC
    5. Description

Your options:

  • You can sort by both Base Item and Name, from A-Z or Z-A.
  • You can also select which information you like to see: Tradeskill, Drops, Merchants, Quests
  • If you are looking for a certain information either in Base Item, Name or within the Properties, you can enter that detail in the search field.

Recipes for Crafteable Tradeskill Items

While you can find the information weather the item is a tradeskill item or not in the Complete Soul Forge Item List, the recipes you can for now only find here in the appropriate section.

Update Old Item Stats

If you notice an item within your inventory that has different stats ingame, you may use the chest behind Hirbag in the Lounge to update it accordingly.