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What is currently in the Market?

Market overview.


There is something entirely new on the server. Please read carefully.

In the past we had a forum where people were able to advertise their wares. Since the move of the server that forum is more or less vacant and forgotten. Facebook took its position and for updates and so on it is more detailed. Sad thing, the market was gone.

Since we want you to be able to sell your treasures, crafted items, potions and even scrolls to all our community even to times that you do not have time to log on (maybe you are a great weapon crafter, but your potential buyer is always on when you are sleeping, so you may not even know he exists). Therefore you will now have the opportunity to use our market to sell your items.

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Where to find it

  • Travel from Davenport via ship to Field of Pain. In the first City (Harbor area) you can find the Harbor Market Hall. The Market also has it's own commit temple.
  • There is also a direct connection from the Lounge - please note: this connection does not allow further travels.

How does it work?

The Market Secretary sells also a manual which you can use ingame.
CASE 1: You just like to buy items

  1. Search in the Market hall for a Market Chest that has a burning torch next to it.
  2. Open the Market Chest and scroll trought the items
    1. Each item within has a price tag
    2. Each item within has also the tag of the seller
  3. If you like to buy the item, just pull it out. The gold of your character will be transfered to the HirBank-Account of the seller.
  4. If you do not have enough gold, you are unable to buy the item. Please visit the Hirbank to get more gold or go hunting.

CASE 2: You just like to sell your items

  1. Search in the Market hall for an emptry Market Chest (the torch is deactivated)
  2. Open it and put your items in (the torch will light up).
  3. in the combat log you will see the value of the parts they will get sold for.
  4. If you (as the owner of the item) want to remove it from the market, just take it out again
  5. Your buyer has to pay the price which is attached to the item (default value in this case). The gold will be transfered to your HirBank-Account.
  6. Once the Market Chest has no more items, it will become available again.

CASE 3: You like to set the value of items yourself

  1. Use the !price command in the Chat Window in order to set the price for the next item you put into your Market Chest, like !price 800.
  2. The price for that item will be set to 800 gp.
  3. Please note:
    1. If you put in a stack of e.g. 2 Potions, Each potion will cost 400gp.
    2. If you afterwards put a stack of 5 potions in, the stack will cost 5 x 400gp = 2,000gp.
  4. If you like to set a different price, pull the item out again and set a new price using the !price command.
  5. The last manually entered price will be stored in the database for the next time you put in items.
  6. Please note: Some items, like Arrows have stacked a different 'reference' on the server than they have unstacked. For these Items the multiplying will not work. Therefore please always read in the combat log for how much you currently sell your item and adjust using the !price command if needed.

How it gets calculated (EXAMPLE)

  1. You like to sell 99 acid arrows for 160gp
  2. Type in chat: !price 160
  3. you enter the 99 acid arrows into your market chest
  4. The following price will get stored for each arrow in the database:
    1. 160gp / 99 = 1.616161 (on the market page it is displayed as 1.62gp)
  5. you enter another stack (99) of acid arros into the market chest
  6. the following calculation is done:
    1. 99 * 1.616161 = 159.999939
    2. however since NWN only works with integer.
      1. Therefore we added a function that rounds up at >=0.5 and down <0.5
      2. Therefore for this example the round(159.999939) = 160


  • Set a fair price.
  • You should check the market and the one of other NPC in regards to pricing before you try to sell one. People will not buy from you if they can buy it somewhere else for less gold.
  • Do not just buy items up in order to reinlist them for a higher price. This is Soul Forge and you are part of a great community.