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The following will help you to get to locations which require some area crossing and are therefore not easy to find if you do not know how to get there.


Coach Dilinar, Kerns (travel to Davenport), Hillshire, Sunscale, Burning Rock, Sylvany, Jerstien
Lake Hope Ferry Davenport, Kerns, Plains of Lake Hope North, Fort Ritten
Black River Ferry Stonehand Pass, Glitter Down, Inlul, Abandoned Shore
Captain Mara If you start in the Southern Shores of Kai Outlands: Western Shore of Sudak
Captain Mara If you start in the Western Shore of Sudak: Mercenary Port of Kazakkar, Volcanic Island, Southern Shores of Kai Outlands
Captain Borga Davenport, Mercenary Port of Kazakkar, Field of Pain


Coach The Coach uses an ox, Search for "To 'n Fro Coachman" and you got the person you are looking for. Below you can see him located in Kerns: Coachman
Lake Hope Ferry Take the Coach to Davenport. Since Davenport can only be reached via ferry, you will end up in Kerns. In Kerns Lake Hope Ferry starts. You can see the ferry in Kerns in the picture above behind the coach.
Captain Borga Take Lake Hope Ferry in Kers to Davenport. Once in Davenport, go to the landing stage in the south. Below you can see the path to go in Davenport: The Trades: Davenport Borga
Black River Ferry Take the Coach to Jerstien, From Jerstien you can take the Stonehand Pass to Black River Ferry . Below you can see the path to go from Jerstien: BlackRiverFerry
Captain Mara Take the Lake Hope Ferry to Plains of Lake Hope North and travel east. Below in the picture you can see the path to take from Lake Hope Ferry to Captain Mara: MaraFerry
Kai Travel with Captain Mara from "Sudak" to the Mercenary Port of Kazakkar. Then travel north over a bridge of stone and continue west and north afterwards. The more detailed route directly to the commitment point in Kai (The Realm of Kai: Hidden Shrine of Korosa), please see Kai
The Underdark Take Black River Ferry to the Abandoned Shore, from the docks you travel north to the Abandoned Caves North Passage. Search for Pain Brother Zarthis to get a commitment token for this place.Below in the picture you can find the path starting from the Black River Ferry to the commitment point in the Underdark: Underdark
Field of Pain Take Captain Borga the the Field of Pain. In the Harbor City you can find a commitment location within the market temple. Fop
Sudak Take Captain Mara to Western Shore of Sudak, then travel east, to get to the City of Sudak. Below in the picture you can see the path from the Western Shore of Sudak to Judge Betta, where you can commit in the Temple of Korosa: ToSudak
Dilinar Mines Start in Jerstien, take the Stonehand Pass east. Pass Black River Ferry dock and continue east. Below you can find the path to the upper Dilinar Mines (did you bring your Miner's Pickaxe?): DilinarMines
Forgotten Mines Start in Underdark, travel back to the Abandoned Shore, but head east. Enter the upper Forgotten Mines via Mining Well: ForgottenMines
Treasure Island Start on Silverwood Mountains: Central. Enter the Morkado Bandit's cave. Travel down through the bandit's caves per the map below, and when you get to the ship, ask for passage to where the pirates have their treasure: Way To Treasure Island Composite   Flattened