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This page lists all event contests we ran.

Easter Egg Contest (Finished 14 APR 2020)


  • Find Strange Eggs
  • put the eggs into the nest in the lounge Screenshot 1

Prizes (for the first 3):

  • EITHER: One of your existing or new character's appearance can get changed (custom wings and or tail, different appearance).
  • OR: One of your beloved chars will be included in the module as an NPC for all eternity.


  • All participants recieve 1'000 XP / egg put into the nest.


PlayerQTY Eggs found XP earned character XP received Price receivd
Vigras 59 59'000 2020-04-21 dryad appearance
SasGal 41 41'0002020-04-21 angel wings
TheBurner 22 22'000 not yet magic beast
blackfeltfedora1 18 18'000 2020-04-20 N/A
FalconTamer 17 17'000 2020-04-20 N/A
-- HA — 1414'000 not yet N/A
Nsfivecoate 55'000 2020-04-24 N/A
andreasweber 4 4'000not yet N/A

Commit Contest (Finished 03. DEC 2017)


  • Find all 18 commit locations before the time is up and win a great prize!
  • Every player who commits at all 18 locations before the end date (03. DEC 2017) will win a prize. One prize per player.

Prizes include:

  • a house, for those who don't have one
  • a statue of your favourite character on the new island (does not work yet, sorry)
  • a unique item Helmetoftheexplorer


Player Character Commit locations StatueHelmet received
Berta1 Gabi Aurabaine 18 preliminary statue set up ...
BoxcarJoe Moriarty the Magnificent 18 preliminary statue set up ...
chadwr Amendell Imyn 18 preliminary statue set up ...
icywind1980 Alana Whiterose 18 preliminary statue set up ...
kvra13 Cavera of Blood Strike Knights 18 preliminary statue set up 20. FEB 2018
SasGal Hahlee Melle 18 preliminary statue set up ...
TheBurner Galtogrim Tormashrah 18 preliminary statue set up ...
Vigras Calia Sianei 18 preliminary statue set up 20. FEB 2018

A list to all commit locations you can find here