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There are many tradeskills one can choose from to preform a variety of tasks from crafting armor, to brewing potions, to wood and metal work.

A player is not limited to the number of trades he or she can learn and may earn leveling experience and tradeskills experience while preforming trades. The maximum level one can reach in any trade is 20.

Tradeskills generally involve gathering one or more materials, rolling a skill die and require the use of a set of tools (purchasable at a store) to do.

More information on each tradeskill:
Please note, the receipes and stats might have changed. Additional receipes have been added. The complete list of items and receipes you can only below (table).

What to find where Comment
Receipe Crafting overview wip, not final display
Resources Resources overview wip, not final display

-> In the Webinterface for Ressources you can also filter by Tradeskill stations to get more information about where they are located.