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List of changes

Last Change Details
All pure Casters can use magic staffs at their (character) Caster Level
Pure Wizards can also use scrolls at their (character) Caster Level
No autohit on attack roll of 20 but add +5 AB instead
Shuriken are now monk weapons
Improved readability of Dark Mode for Crafting overview for "store sold components".
New XP Script included that should fix the Beamdog bug for the xp penalty. Let us know if it does not work as expected ;)
Moved Soul Forge to new Hardware.
Wiki software version updated.
Web Services back up and running
Added maps window.
Custom teleport window added. Everyone has the 5 starting cities available by default.
Creature kill quests update a counter in the journal. Kills count for party members if they have the same quest (and stage) and are in the same area.
Creature kill quests work with one single sum counter again. There is no "over counting" anymore, meaning the messages stop at, for example, 10/10 and there is no 11/10.
Increased QTY of dropping Skelleton Knuckles
Some more quest changes are now live. You may have to, or rather you will be able to, do a few of the collect and kill quests again. Like the aloe one and the goblin and undead kill quests. We are working on improving those further or rather make them work as before where there was one counter for different creatures. It will become like that again. We consolidated the two different quest systems we had in use into one, that is why there are these changes. Now we just need to improve that one system a little bit still. But for future use it will be easier to have only one system. And of course it has the journal texts for all quests already!
All quests have journal entries but most of them are auto generated.
Changed recipes for tanning oil and tanning acid. Added a water tub to all areas with an alchemists station.
Mining of sand and clay is now faster.
Quest system improved. Progress for item collect quests is shown and journal entries for quests are possible (but not all written yet).
Revised the Journal to persistently list the deity information
Farmers Press is returning now empty bottles on failure
Crafting Tools do not break anymore
Added various new belts with damage resistance. Sold by Alan in the lounge.
Fixed merchant dialogs that are supposed to open two or more stores.
All commit NPCs can now buff your character.
CILR update for Quarterstaff "Staff of the Ghost": added Monk 30.
Reduced the gold price of damage resistance belts: Swordsman’s Belt, Archer’s Belt, Brawler’s Belt.
Added more chests to the market.
The exploration state of areas is being persisted for each character.
Fixed Mineral Washing Report: Aventurine is getting displayed now if your washing is successful for that mineral.
A Spell Sequencer has been added, more details you can find here: !seq chat commands
Casted Spells show meta magic in brackets in game log
Gnomish Tool Shirt is now cloth (base AC 0)
The light armor version of Gnomish Tool Shirt and the Epic Gnomish Tool Shirt have been renamed to (Epic) Gnomish Tool Armor.
Map note added for the market area in Jerstien.
The spell "Bless Weapon" now automatically selects the main and off hand. It can now also be cast on gauntlets.
All quest reward items are now identified.
Defender of Dilinar: AC +3 (was +1), Bonus feat: Disarm, Enhancement Bonus +3
Ring of Defiance: +1 Con
Boots of Tumbling: +15 tumble (was +4), +2 AC (was +1)
Boots of Spider Kind: +2 AC (was +1)
Boots of the Winterlands: +2 AC (was +1), 10% immunity cold
Protective Quarterstaff: Shield spell 2 uses/day (was 1/day)
Greater Hand of Missiles: GMS 2 uses/day (was charges/use)
Hand of Missiles: LMS 2 uses per day (was charges/use), CILR reduced
Sacred Torch of Solspere: specified the charges available for use of Sunburst: Charges 5, 1 charge/use 1, Light green (was yellow)
Rilke's Armor: Base AC 8 (was 7)
Mace of the Stars: wisdom+1, removed 1d6 fire damage, 1d6 positive damage (was 2)
New Chat Command (!split 'stacksize')
Added Kama "Scorpion Sting" (Warrior 20, Monk 25) to merchant (The Burning Lands: Kazakar Inn)
New map notes in Burning Rock
New map note in City of Light
New explored Areas: City of Light, Kern's Central, Burning Rock
Added new high level Kama "Bad Karma" (Warrior 20 or Monk 25) as a drop.
Added new Cloak "The Defender of Kings" (Warrior 20, Lawful Good) as a drop.
Updated item restrictions on "Oracle's Shard". The shard is now useable by Champions of Torm.
Removed +3 Attack Bonus (it had no effect because of +5 Enhancement Bonus) from Warhammer "Thrummaz'th Ord".
Movement speed increase on roads. Movement speed decrease in water.
Wiki: Quest List updated
Wiki: Map of Davenport added to Ingame Maps
Added Adventurer "Job Boards" to starter areas to provide additional help for new character
Davenport Sewer: Spawn of Bats adjusted to favour matriarchs and patriarchs
Fixed Kashla Alley quest part 2 (Davenport Library)
Kerns, Hillshire and the surrounding parts can have winter now.
Fixed incorrect duration for cleric domain power "Battle Mastery".
Added Christmas decoration to the lounge.
Lady Marien in Sylvany has a fixed spawn point now.
Removed heal kit crafting from tailoring. You may use the crafting tables in temples now.
Added Bombardier Beetle's Belly and Crossbow of Pain as a drops.
Updated forest areas with new visuals (Silverwood Forest, Sledgemill Forest).
Item Revised: Chaos Stormbringer: Attribute "No Damage" removed
Lady Marien & Resplendant Fribo no longer walk around (Quest Giver)
New drop: Amulet of Hope, see (check https://soulforge.world/items/ for stats)
Added Field of Pain: Coastal Yawl stations to map: Ingame Maps: Field of Pain
Option to show tradeskill stations added to Crafting List
Resource Location List updated with: Tradeskill Stations. Additional filter options added
Options for filtering for recipes in Crafting List increased
New Commit Location put in place in the northern areas of Field of Pain
The proud inhabitants of the City of Light have discovered a rare mineral deposit in the mine below the City of Light (Fire Opal)
DR of Polar Bears increased
DR of Sahuagin reduced
Bracers of Armor +1 renamed to Bracers of Armor
Soulphere Quest Fix: Item will be transfered into the masters inventory if your summon kills the mirror of yourself
Resource Location List updated with: Minerals, Ore, Wood, Salt & Sand
Enabled Quarterstaffs as monk weapons
New item added: Helm of Obi-Kalum (Monk 20 helmet).
Fixed drop of Sickle Rotten Tooth.
Boots of the Sun Soul: AC bonus increased to +2 (was +1).
Stream Boots: AC bonus increased to +2 (was +1). (CILR changed also, see below.)
Basilisk's Armor CILR Shifter 15 reduced to 10. (No Monk & No DD see below.)
Pin of Shifting Form: Magic resitsance reduced to 5 (was 10). (CILR changed also, see below.)
Monk gauntlets Shattering Strike, Silent Palm, Twins of Truth: CILR reduced to Monk 20 (was 25).
Monk gauntlet Ruin: CILR reduced to Monk 25 (was 30).
CILR: Blade of the Stinging Sands (Scimitar) can be used with Level 15 (was 24).
CILR: Weight of the Land (Scimitar) can be used with Level 20 (was 30).
CILR: Shard of the Rainbow (Scimitar) set to Warrior 20 only.
CILR: The Fist of Cao (Heavy Flail) can be used with Level 15 (was 24).
CILR: Abyssal Orb (Heavy Flail) can be used with Level 20 (was 30).
CILR: The Left Hand of Gardul (Heavy Flail) set to Warrior 20 only.
Added more restrictive requirements on shifter items. No Monk & No DD has been added to: Basilisk's Armor (also Shifter reduced to 10 from 15), Pin of Shifting Form, Shield of the Tempest, Stream Boots.
New quest "A Touch of Evil" added. Quest giver is in Kern's Flatlands: Lakewind Tavern.
Soul Forge Arena has been redesigned, archery targets and combat dummies have been added.
Cleric War Domain feat Battle Mastery has been improved: The cleric gains a bonus of 3 + 1 per 5 levels to Dexterity, Constitution, Attack Rolls and Damage. As well the cleric receives double this value as damage reduction (/+5). The effect will last for 2 turns + 1 for every 4 cleric levels + Charisma modifier.
Some quests will display the current progress on screen.
Some quest npcs announce available quests.
The Baalor summoned by the Gate spell has been made even stronger.
Demon Hearts, the reagent needed to cast Gate, now drop from various demons in Hell.
Timestop immunity now includes summoned and controlled creatures of the party.
Evard's black tentacles: Known bug fixed for grapple-check for medium-size-creatures. Enhancement bonus (to bypass damage reduction) now improves by 1 every 5 caster levels, to a maximum of 5.
Increased the glass ingots per bag of sand to 5ea and reduced the cost of making glass bottles to only need 1 glass ingot. So now with 4 bags of sand you can make 20 glass bottles.
Glas Vials and Sewing Kits can now be bought in the Temple of Amanta and Temple of Light.
Sea Undies no longer cast charm person.
Wiki Section Changes to Classes revised.
Added for crafting material stacks of 20ea & 100ea to merchants.
Adjusted placeables in Sylvany to improve pathfinding
The following feats have been disabled: Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Craft Wand, Craft Harper item, Skill Focus Craft Armor, Skill Focus Craft Weapon, Skill Focus Craft Trap. If you have a character using these which can no longer log in, please let us know.
The following skills have been disabled: Appraise, Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Ride
Pick pocket on other players has been disabled
Clerics can now cast Mass Heal, Heal, Healing Circle spontanously (for non-domain exceptional spells only (e.g. not Haste or Improved Invis))
New Quest available in Field of Pains: Harbor area
Additional fruit plants planted on the continent Arkon near villages
Smelting: Bronze crafting has been inproved: 1 Ingot of Tin + 1 Ingot of Copper = 2 Ingots of Bronze
Brewing: Juice requires less ingredients
Gathering: Fruit pieces in plants increased
Removed Blessed Healkits from Merchants
Added Epic Animal to Field of Pains: In the Mountains
Added new Healer's Table (new Tradeskill)
Added Healing Kit Crafting to the Tradeskills-section in this Wiki.
Revised Plant Regrowthrate for all gatherable ingredients
Added Ingame Maps: Map of Dillinar
Added Ingame Maps: Stonehand Pass and Mines
Added Visual transformation (size increase) for Tensers Transformation
Requirements to Shifter Class adjusted, see also Changes to Classes
If the caster rests or leaves the server the casted spells vanish
Transition fix on Treasure Island (NO -> N)
Stack size for regular arrows, bolts, bullets, shuriken, ... in shops set to 1000.
Honed throwing weapon stack size in shops set to 500.
Houses can be used by the same player with different cdkeys or even by more than one player if so desired.
Tome of Amanta revised to have only 5 ea of Spell: Negative Energy Protection
Small Statue of Light revised to have only 4 ea of Spell: Heal
Magnifying Glass of Identification added to Rogerrios (can be found in Lounge) store (use on self, identify all items in inventory if your lore skill rank is sufficient)
Added dialogue option for Rogerrio to identify all items in your inventory for a service fee.
Fixed a mahogany tree chop location.
Market: You may add your lables (length max 32 characters) to Containers to sell these on the market. The label remains on the item until the container got bought. Please do not use special characters!
Crafting of splint mail has been fixed.
Craftable adorned armor has been improved to have the same AC as mithril armor. Adorned armor also gained +2 bonus to charisma.
Stack sizes of various items have been raised to 1000.
Creating Holy Water can be done in greater batch sizes (100).
Glass recycling has been added.
Saw dust can be made via the carpenters bench. Saw dust weight has been adjusted.
Changed raw parchment recipe to 10 saw dust, 1 bucket of water.
Added recipes for: Raw fine parchment, 5 saw dust, 5 cotton 1 bucket of water. Raw silk parchment, 5 saw dust, 5 spider silk, 1 bucket of water. All produce 10 of the relevant parchment.
Fixed Spawn in Isioiven's Keep.
New craftable armors, gloves and capes have been added for each element type.
The door in Blackthorne basement is now unlocked on the way up.
Market: You can sell full boxes via Market Chests.
Since the default name of the item (e.g. Large Box) is set, you can check for the contents via Examine.
You can also see the contents of your normal containers in e.g. your Persistent Storage or Inventory by using Examine.
Items, like armors, keep their colors and properties in market chests.
Bard Songs got imroved
There is a new system to show the CILR of an item. It automatically generates the CILR for the actual version of the item you are looking at. Older items will still have the old CILR-text as well. You may see these therefore twice. You can update old items in the CILR chest in the lounge near Hirbag, but be aware that you get the newest version then.
Removed Pin Collector's Kit, functionality remains via map pin button.
War Chief Torgsf and his Orc Elite Guards returned home from their raid.
Fixed some minor details in dialogues
New drop: Steely Resolve (Katana), see (check https://soulforge.world/items/ for stats).
Fixed some transition issues (Reanimator, Dragon Cave)
Roggerio: selling Labeling Pen again
Fixed some minor details in dialogues
CILR update: Grinning Skull helmet can now be used with 30 UMD.
The duration of haste gained from a devastating critical hit has been increased to 5 rounds (was 3).
New Commit Point on Treasure Island.
We have our own custom login check again and that also means the !cdkey chat commands are back.
Explore the Silverwood Cave and you will discover new things.
You may travel with a yawl between the following locations on Field of Pain: Harbor, Open Field and Sandy Beach.
Barbarian Rage has been improved. You may review the details in the ingame descriptions.
Mystery mineral washing has been improved. Theres a higher chance to get emeralds and rubys and the lower value minerals can appear as well. See this table here.Theres also a nice new report of what was found at the end (if you used more than 10 minerals at a time).
Added shortcuts for !spellbook chat commands.
Drops in Nabaal, The Hamlet of Sunscale, Whistlewood and other areas with that same look (tileset) will now appear normally. They used to spawn under the ground because of tileset height errors which have now been corrected. Finally!
The tailoring menu has been redesigned to group items by their leather type.
Up to 10 vials of holy water can be made with a single bless spell at a holy pool. (Try throwing holy water at undead, it's not only good for crafting.)
New shields were added to the crafting system to help you survive. There are Gold, Silver, Adamantium and Mithril shields in Small, Large, Heater, Kite and Tower size as well as Improved Shields of Lightning. Have a look at the item and crafting list for details.
Storage locations have been added: Davenport: The High Council Building, Davenport: The Trades, The Realm of Kai: Hidden Shrine of Korosa.
The name of the crafter will be included in the description of the crafted item!
The stack sizes for all ranged weapons and ammunition (arrows, bolts, bullets, darts, shuriken, throwing axes) has been increased to 1000.
Crafted throwing axes have had their elemental damage increase to a fixed damage of 5 instead of 1d6 to be more inline with arrows and bolts. The recipe to craft them was updated to require 1 vial of essence to 10 throwing axes instead of 1 to 1. New throwing axe information is in the online item list. The update chest in the lounge behind Hirbag can be used to update old items.
Items that have all their charges used up will be destroyed again.
2 new craftable items added to Tailoring - Leather Items: Armof of Fury, Gloves of Fury.
CILR update: Mal'vi's Armor requires 25 levels of Bard instead of 30.
Zeeks Blood Priest are back. They can be found in The Underdark: Abandoned Shore.
A new quest is available in Kerns.
Greataxe Defender of the Mountain CILR changed to level 15.
Greataxe Skull Cracker CILR changed to level 20.
Added a gem merchant in Hillshire Bank and Gem Emporium.
Rock mining amount and the chance to find mystery minerals has been increased threefold. The automatic resuming of mining should also work better.
Gem mining continues automatically, amount increased by 2x.
Sand/clay shoveling continues automatically, yield increased. Fixed the issue with a whole stack of shovels breaking.
Chopping trees continues automatically, doubled the amount of branches received.
Crafting batch size limit increased to 300 from 99.
Added heal skil to spells cure moderate wounds and healing circle, this does include the use from an Oracles Shard item.
Fixed crafting bugs where 50 items could be made out of 1.
Added new tailoring recipe for Studded Fist gloves (in Tailoring - Leather items).
Added hidden resting area in the Silverwood Goblin Caves.
Simplified and changed the xp formula. It is possible to get a bit more xp now when fighting tougher enemies. When fighting easier enemies the xp should not decrease as quickly as before. The minimum xp possible to gain is now 5 instead of 0. We will have to see how it works in practice but the intention is to generally grant a bit more xp than before.
Item Hammer of the Holy Days: changed CILR requirements to Paladin 25 (from Paladin 25 & Level 30).
Items with charges are not destroyed when depleted.
Storage allowed in the Hillshire Inn.
Added more types of plants to the City of Light Fields.
Added a gem mine to Fields of Pain, accessible from the Fields.
Tinker merchant added to Hillshire Gadgets and Such.
Wiki: Forum, Suggestions Area & Calendar deactivated.
Added Area: City of Lights Fields.
Delevel works now also for RDD.
!delete character works again
!spellbook Chat Commands work again - at first login after update your characters spellbook will be empty.
Character login restores location and character status of log out (if you log in the same character again you keep your buffs) - server reset excluded.
Added Warhammer: Thrummaz'th Ord (check https://soulforge.world/items/ for stats).
Added Ring: Ring of Swift Blessing (check https://soulforge.world/items/ for stats).
Revised Mage's Battlerobe (check https://soulforge.world/items/ for stats).
New Commitpoint created (check Commitment Stones for details).
Fixed Lounge Door issue
Plant regrowth rate minimum raised.
Claw Hunters rebalanced.
New Quest: Bandit Clear Out. - try it out and let us know.
Arrow stack size is now 990. Heal kit stack size is now 100.
New quests with journal updates (some were added a bit earlier than this). Most recent quest is "Wolves from the West".
Mining rocks continues automatically now.
Added Miners Helmet and Lumberjack hood, both give the marital weapon proficiency so that all characters can go mining and wood chopping.
Blue commit token shows the location it is set to in its name.
Improved server restart that works without players having to be online.
Housing is working again. Please contact HA on discord to have your existing house activated or a new house added.
New chat command !cloak to hide/show cloak.
Chat command short form !s for !storage.
Chat command short form !l for !label.
The Night Hunter revised, lowered CLIR a bit.
!CDKEY removed, various Chat Commands deactivated for now.
Market free to use again, issue fixed, let us know if you discover anything odd.
Server is now active on 1.74 and reacheable via Beamdog Masterserverlist. Bugfixes will be done on the flow.
Revised Helmet: Grinning Skull: requires only 10 PM lvl now.
Added Helmet: Cap of the Fox.
Added Helmet: Cap of the Eagle.
Revised Ring: Ring of Flesh.
Revised Boots: Orc Boots.
Darkfire is cast on off-hand automatically when main hand is buffed already.
Added Merchant to the Temple of Light.
Flame Weapon, GMW, Keen are cast on off-hand automatically when main hand is buffed already.
Duration of Divine Might & Shield increased: 2 rounds per cha mod + 1 round per 2 levels (of Cleric, Paladin, Blackguard).
Duration of Divine Wrath increased: 2 rounds per cha mod + 1 round per 2 levels of Champion of Torm.
Added drop to Statue (with Quarterstaff) on volcanic island: Armor of the Vigilant.
Added drop to Morkado Pirate Captain: Trident.
Added drop to Morcado Piratte Navigator: Basic Sextant.
Added drop to Claw Hunter Master: Vision Spike (Club).
Devotion rings for clerics are available in Davenport Temple Pantheon. Look at the online item list to see the rings.
Bracers of the Weaponmaster are available for WM 7 instead of WM 11.
New drop for Karlak (Boots).
Harm (spell) reduces the targets health to 10% of current value.
New quest to upgrade the Katana Valiant to its epic version.
Flame Weapon will be cast on off hand weapon if main hand already has it.
Hellball is more party friendly. Caster and party do not get knocked down and take only fire damage. Enemies are knocked down for longer.
House tax/rent has been removed. House Port Stones are free.
Epic Dark Crown upgraded, +1 con and fear immunity.
Skullcracker has been upgraded with massive criticals and on hit stun.
Purple Dragonscale Armor has been added as a drop to Vervada.
Shard of the Rainbow and The Left Hand of Gardul can be used with CILR level 25 now.
Updated Armor of the Rain with better stats.
Cleanup script gives more warning time and does not start the countdown while players are in the area.