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The art of alchemy consists of brewing potions. Alchemists can also make some of the oils used by the other trade skills, but brewing potions is the bulk of an alchemists work. Potions consist of two main ingredients. These are an essence and a key ingredient. Essences are made by combining several ingredients and pouring the mixture into a glass vial. This is done at the Alchemists Table. If successful, the essence will be placed in the player’s inventory. If unsuccessful, the recipe ingredients will be destroyed, however the player will get back the glass vial. Potions are made by combining an essence and various ingredients along with an empty flask. This is also done at the Alchemists Table. If successful, the potion will be placed in the players inventory along with an empty glass vial. If unsuccessful, the recipe ingredients will be destroyed, however the player will recover both the glass vial and empty flask. Wisdom (60%) and Intelligence (40%) are key abilities for Alchemy

Alchemy Difficulties

CraftOld ReceipeDifficulty
Oils and Acid
Enchanting Oil (Skeleton Knuckle, White Mushroom) 1
Polishing Oil (Black Cohosh Root, Spotted Mushroom) 1
Tanning Acid (Fire Beetle Belly, Fire Agate Dust) 1
Tanning Oil (Fire Beetle Belly, Red Mushroom) 2
Grenade Weapons
Acid: Flask (Bombadeer Beetle Belly) 2
Fire: Flask (Fire Beetle Belly) 2
Choking powder (Stink Beetle Gland) 2
Essence of Body (Almond, Oat) 7
Essence of Spirit (Witch Hazel, Chamomile) 5
Essence of Life (Peppermint, Ginger) 5
Essence of Protection (Angelica Leaf, Nettle) 7
Essence of Mind (Ecnenacia, Gensing) 3
Essence of Travel (Thistle Leaf, Hawthorn Flower) 11
Cat's Grace Essence of Body, Catnip, Almond Oil (25 gp) 12 (higher caster level)
Bull's Strength Essence of Body, Hawthorn Flower, Chestnut Oil (25 gp) 12 (higher caster level)
Endurance Essence of Body, Ginger, Walnut Oil (25 gp) 10 (higher caster level)
Owl's Wisdom Essence of Spirit, Junniper Berry, Owl's Feather (25 gp) 6 (higher caster level)
Eagle's Splendor Essence of Spirit, Graveyard Dirt, Hazlenut Oil (25 gp) 8 (higher caster level)
Fox's Cunning Essence of Spirit, Sage Leaf, Pecan Oil (25 gp) 8 (higher caster level)
Lesser Restoration Essence of Life, Aloe 6
Antodote Essence of Life, Black Mushroom 10
Bless Essence of Protection, Angelica Leaf 8
Aid Essence of Protection, Holy Water 10
Barkskin Essence of Protection, Birch Bark, Apple Juice (30 gp) 13 (higher caster level)
Lore Essence of Mind, Chamomile 4
Charm Essence of Mind, Clover 4
Clarity Essence of Mind, Echanacia 6
Potion of Speed Essence of Travel, Black Cohosh, Elderberry Juice (30 gp) 13 (higher caster level)
Potion of Invisibility Essence of Travel, Skullcap Leaf, Blackberry Juice (30 gp) 14
Potion of Flame Essence of Protection, Fire Beetle Belly, Cranberry Juice (30 gp) 15
Healing Essences
Essence of Minor Healing Aloe Leaf 1
Essence of Greater Healing Aloe Leaf, White Mushroom 9
Healing Potions
Potion of Cure Light Wounds Essence of Minor Healing, Garlic 2
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds Essence of Minor Healing, Red Mushroom 3
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds Essence of Minor Healing, Yellow Mushrooms 5 (higher caster level)
Potion of Cure Critical Wounds Essence of Greater Healing, White Mushroom 11 (higher caster level)
Potion of Heal Essence of Greater Healing, Essence of Life, Purple Mushroom 16

Notes: All essences require one vial. All Potions require one flask. Prices listed in parenthasies are the prices to purchase the component directly to the left of the price in the potion shops in cities and towns. These can also be made though brewing if you do not wish to spend the money. They are made available in stores for convenience and time savings. Potions with higher caster level will have longer durations than the old potions created with the old table. New potions include Potion of Flame and Potion of Charm (I thank Edix for that one )