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Scribing involves both the creation of scribing inks and also the creation of magical scrolls. Scribing inks come in three varieties, lesser, average and greater. Scribing inks are created at the Scribing Ink Desk and require eggs, enchanting oil, an empty glass vial as well as other ingredients. Ink requires 1 honey, 1 egg, 1 glass vial, 1 enchanting oil and the spell school components (1 for lesser ink for lower level spells, 2 per average ink and 3 per greater ink). You can find honey, as well as most of the spell school components in the jerstien garden. Eggs can be bought from the baker (or gotten from chickens but that takes so long it's not worth it, they only cost 2 gp anyway), and enchanting oil and glass vials can be bought from the man in the apothacary in Jerstien, or alchemists in other towns. Spell school components are things like Aloe Leafs, Garlic, Graveyard Dirt, Witchhazel, Spotted Mushrooms and Spider Silk. If successful, the ink will be placed in the players inventory along with an empty glass vial. If unsuccessful, the recipe ingredients will be destroyed, however the player will still recover the glass vial.

Scrolls are divided into 3 categories. The lesser scrolls (levels 1-5) are created at the Lesser Scribing Station, the average scrolls (levels 6-10) are created at the Average Scribing Station, and the greater scrolls (levels 11-15) are created at the Greater Scribing Station. Scrolls are made by combining a blank scroll (simple scrolls made can be made by woodcrafters, or all scrolls can be bought in shops with these prices: 5 gp for basic (lvls 0-3), 100 gp for fine paper (lvls 4-6) and 250gp for silk paper (lvls 7-9). ), the appropriate scribing ink, the appropriate gem dust (created during gemcraft when you craft the gem out of the raw material...raw material can be mined in many places, the easiest of which is around jerstien and the dillinar mines) as well as the required memorized spell. The easiest way to find what is needed is to put something, anything, into a scribing desk and the menu will open where you can select the spell lvl, then school, then particular spell you want to scribe and it will tell you what you need in order to make it work. These ingredients are placed in one of the above listed Scribing devices. If successful, the scroll will be placed in the players inventory along with an empty glass vial. If unsuccessful, the recipe ingredients will be destroyed, however the player will still recover the glass vial. Scribing requires the memorization of the corresponding magic spell and the memorized spell will be deleted from the players memorized spell list whether the player is successful or unsuccessful. Intelligence (50%) and Wisdom (50%) are the key abilities for Scribing.

Druids and Clerics may scribe some spells as well. However, at this time there is no list for the spells a druid or cleric may scibe. If anyone wishes to add such a list, please do.

A few tips. Buff your intelligence and wisdom to have a higher success rate. To increase your lvl fast go for necromancy spells as graveyard dirt is limitless in how much you can get (go to the crypt in kerns flatlands to get this). Also, if you're a wizard and you memorise the spell as extended you will be able to make three scrolls per extended spell memorised (as opposed to one per spell memorised normally). This is a good way to mass produce.

School Components

Abjuration : Skullcap leaf
Conjuration : Spotted Mushroom
Divination : Holy water
Evocation : Aloe leaf
Illusion : Spider silk
Necromancy : Graveyard dirt
Transmutation : Garlic clove
Enchantment : Witch Hazel

Recipe For Inks
1 egg 1 glass vial 1 enchanting oil 1 honey and
1 school component for lesser,
2 for average,
3 for greater

Wizard Spells that can be scribed:
Each school listed is the ink needed.
Each gem listed is the dust needed.
If it only states the school name,
you average ink is needed.
To scribe a spell you need it in memory,
a blank parchment, the ink and the dust.
0 level spells (cantrips)
Acid Splash : Greenstone,Lesser Conjuration
Daze : Greenstone,Lesser Enchantment
Electric Jolt : Greenstone,Lesser Evocation
Flare : Greenstone,Lesser Evocation
Light : Greenstone,Lesser Evocation
Ray of Frost : Greenstone,Lesser Conjuration
Resistance : Greenstone,Lesser Abjuration

1st Level spells

Burning Hands :Fire Agate,LesserTransmutation
Charm Person :Malachite,Lesser Enchantment
Colour Spray :Malachite,Lesser Illusion
Endure Elements :Greenstone,Lesser Abjuration
Expeditious Retreat:Fire Agate,LesserTransmutation
Grease :Greenstone,Lesser Conjuration
Horizikaul's Boom: Malachite,Lesser Evocation
Ice Dagger :Malachite,Lesser Evocation
Identify :Malachite,Lesser Divination
Iron Guts :Greenstone,Lesser Abjuration
Mage Armor :Malachite,Lesser Conjuration
Magic Missile :Malachite,Lesser Evocation
Magic Weapon :Fire Agate,LesserTransmutation
Negative Energy Ray :Malachite,Lesser Necro
Protection Alignment:Greenstone,Lesser Abjuration
Ray of Enfeeblement :Malachite,Lesser Necromancy
Scare :Malachite,Lesser Necromancy
Shelgarn's Per Blade :Malachite,Lesser Evocation
Shield: Greenstone,Lesser Abjuration
Sleep :Malachite,Lesser Enchantment
Summon I :Malachite,Lesser Conjuration
True Strike: Malachite,Lesser Divination

2nd Level spells

Balagarn's Horn :Aventurine,Lesser Transmutation
Blindness/Deafness:Fire Agate,Lesser Enchantment
Bull's Strength :Aventurine,Lesser Transmutation
Cat's Grace :Aventurine,Lesser Transmutation
Cloud of Bewilderment :Fire Agate,Lesser Evocation
Combust : Fire Agate,Lesser Evocation
Continual Flame : Aventurine,Lesser Illusion
Darkness :Aventurine,Lesser Evocation
Death Armour : Aventurine,Lesser Necromancy
Eagle's Splendor :Aventurine,Lesser Transmutation
Endurance :Aventurine,Lesser Transmutation
Flame Weapon : Aventurine,Lesser Evocation
Fox's Cunning :Aventurine,Lesser Transmutation
Gedlee's Elec. Loop :Aventurine,Lesser Evocation
Ghostly Visage :Aventurine,Lesser Illusion
Ghoul Touch :Aventurine,Lesser Necromancy
Invisibility :Aventurine,Lesser Illusion
Knock :Phenelope,Lesser Transmutation
Lesser Dispel :Fire Agate,Lesser Abjuration
Melf's Acid Arrow :Fire Agate,Lesser Conjuration
Owl's Wisdom :Phenelope,Lesser Transmutation
Resist Elements :Fire Agate,Lesser Abjuration
See Invisibility :Fire Agate,Lesser Divination
Stone Bones : Phenelope,Lesser Transmutation
Summon II :Fire Agate,Lesser Conjuration
Tasha's H.Laughter :Fire Agate,Lesser Enchantment
Ultravision :Currently cannot be scribed
Web :Fire Agate,Lesser Conjuration

3rd Level spells

Clairaudience :Amethyst,Divination
Clarity :Phenelope,Necromancy
Dispel Magic :Phenelope,Abjuration
Displacement :Amethyst,Illusion
Find Traps :Amethyst, Divination
Fireball :Amethyst,Evocation
Flame Arrow :Phenelope,Conjuration
Greater Magic Weapon :Amethyst,Transmutation
Gust of Wind :Amethyst,Evocation
Haste :Amethyst,Transmutation
Hold Person :Amethyst,Lesser Enchantment
Invisibility Sphere :Amethyst,Illusion
Keen Edge :Amethyst,Transmutation
Lightning Bolt :Amethyst,Evocation
Magic Circle, Alignment:Phenelope,Abjuration
Mestil's Acid Breath :Phenelope, Conjuration
Negative Energy Burst :Amethyst,Necromancy
Protection Elements :Phenelope,Lesser Abjuration
Scintillating Sphere :Amethyst,Evocation
Slow :Feldspar,Transmutation
Stinking Cloud :Phenelope,Conjuration
Summon III :Phenelope,Conjuration
Vampiric Touch :Amethyst,Necromancy

4th Level spells
Bestow Curse :Garnet,Transmutation
Charm Monster :Feldspar,Enchantment
Confusion :Feldspar,Enchantment
Contagion :Garnet,Necromancy
Elemental Shield :Feldspar,Evocation
Enervation :Garnet,Necromancy
Evard's Black Tentacles :Feldspar,Conjuration
Fear :Garnet,Necromancy
Icestorm :Garnet,Evocation
Improved Invisibility :Garnet,Illusion
Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm:Feldspar,Evocation
Lesser Spell Breach :Feldspar,Abjuration
Minor Globe ,Invulnerability:Feldspar,Abjuration
Phantasmal Killer :Garnet,Illusion
Polymorph Self :Garnet,Transmutation
Remove Blindness/Deafness :Feldspar,Divination
Remove Curse :Feldspar,Abjuration
Shadow Conjuration :Garnet,Illusion
Stoneskin :Feldspar,Abjuration
Summon IV :Feldspar,Conjuration
Wall of Fire :Feldspar,Evocation

5th Level spells
Animate Dead :Alexandrite,Necromancy
Ball Lightning :Alexandrite,Evocation
Bigby's Interposing Hand :Alexandrite,Evocation
Cloudkill :Alexandrite,Conjuration
Cone of Cold :Alexandrite,Evocation
Dismissal :Garnet,Abjuration
Dominate Person :Alexandrite,Enchantment
Energy Buffer :Garnet,Abjuration
Feeblemind :Alexandrite,Divination
Firebrand :Alexandrite,Evocation
Greater Shadow Conjuration:Alexandrite,Illusion
Hold Monster :Alexandrite,Enchantment
Lesser Mind Blank :Garnet,Abjuration
Lesser Planar Binding :Alexandrite,Conjuration
Lesser Spell Mantle :Garnet,Abjuration
Mestil's Acid Sheath :Alexandrite,Conjuration
Mind Fog :Alexandrite,Enchantment
Summon V :Alexandrite,Greater Conjuration

6th Level spells
Acid Fog :Topaz,Greater Conjuration
Banishment :-Sapphire,Greater Abjuration
Bigby's Forceful Hand :Topaz,Greater Evocation
Chain Lightning :Topaz,Greater Evocation
Circle of Death :-Sapphire,Greater Necromancy
Ethereal Visage :-Sapphire,Greater Illusion
Flesh to Stone :-Sapphire,Greater Transmutation
Globe Invulnerability:Topaz,Greater Abjuration
Greater Dispelling :Topaz,Greater Abjuration
Greater spell Breach :Topaz,Greater Abjuration
Greater Stoneskin:Sapphire,Greater Transmutation
Izaac's Greater Msl Stm :Topaz,Greater Evocation
Legend Lore : Topaz, Divination
Mass Haste :Topaz,Greater Enchantment
Planar Binding :Topaz,Greater Conjuration
Shades :-Sapphire,Greater Illusion
Stone to Flesh :-Sapphire,Greater Transmutation
Summon VI :Topaz,Greater Conjuration
Tenser’s :-Sapphire,GreaterTransmutation
True Seeing :Topaz,Greater Divination
Undeath to Death :-Sapphire,Greater Necromancy

7th Level spells
Bigby's Grasping Hand :-Diamond,Greater Evocation
Control Undead :-Diamond,Greater Necromancy
Delayed Blast Fireball:Diamond,Greater Evocation
Finger of Death :-Diamond,Greater Necromancy
Great Thunderclap :-Diamond,Greater Evocation
Mordenkainen’s Swd:Diamond,GreaterTransmutation
Power Word, Stun :-Sapphire,Greater Divination
Prismatic Spray :-Diamond,Greater Evocation
Protection Spells :-Sapphire,Greater Enchantment
Spell Mantle :-Diamond,Greater Abjuration
Summon VII :-Sapphire,Greater Conjuration

8th Level spells
Bigby's Grasping Hand :Ruby,Greater Evocation
Blackstaff :Ruby,GreaterTransmutation
Create Undead :Ruby,Greater Necromancy
Greater Plnr Bndng :-Diamond,Greater Conjuration
Greater Sanctuary : Currently can't be scribed
Horrid Wilting :Ruby,Greater Necromancy
Incendiary Cloud :Ruby,Greater Evocation
Mass Blindness/Deafness:Ruby,Greater Illusion
Mass Charm :Ruby,Greater Enchantment
Mind Blank :-Dianond,Greater Abjuration
Premonition :-Dianond,Greater Divination
Summon VIII :-Dianond,Greater Conjuration
Sunburst :Ruby,Greater Evocation

9th Level spells
Bigby's Grasping Hand :Emerald,Greater Evocation
Black Blade of Disaster: Emerald,Greater Evocation
Dominate Monster :Emerald,Greater Enchantment
Energy Drain :Ruby,Greater Necromancy
Gate :Emerald,Greater Conjuration
Greater Spell mantle :Emerald,Greater Abjuration
Meteor Swarm :Emerald,Greater Evocation
Mordenkainen’s Disj. :Emerald,Greater Abjuration
Power Word, Kill :Emerald,Greater Divination
Shapechange :Emerald,Greater Transmutation
Summon IX :Emerald,Greater Conjuration
Time Stop :Emerald,Greater Transmutation
Wail ,Banshee :Emerald,Greater Transmutation
Weird :Emerald,Greater Illusion

Cure Minor Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Cure Moderate Wounds
Lesser Restoration
Cure Serious Wounds
Cure Critical Wounds
Healing Circle
Raise Dead
Greater Restoration
Mass Heal

Paladins should be able to scribe:
Cure Light Wounds
Endure Elements
Protection from Alignment
Bull's Strength
Eagle's Splendor
Resist Elements
Cure Moderate Wounds
Dispel Magic
Magic Circle against Alignment
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Cure Serious Wounds