Information and Introduction

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This is the original info readme I found in the server files, sligthly modified to adress some wiki pages instead of the original ones. Over time this will be edited more and more to reflect the current time.

Hello and welcome to Soul Forge. We are a persistent world server, that means barring any problems our server is up all the time. Please also take the time to read the rules and laws.

Tthank you for your interest in our world. If you have any comments/suggestions/questions,
please join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/FjkUQc2) and post them there.

1. Rules and Laws

When you first log on to Soul Forge, please read the rules and laws in your journal or the Rules within the wiki. We have very few rules and laws that govern our player base, but what few we have are important and should be understood before you invest time playing here. For everyone to get along and play together, we all need to have the same understanding of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. So please make sure you agree with our few and simple rules and laws before you begin investing time on your character in our game world.

If you break our rules and laws, claiming you didn't know will not serve as an excuse, so please read them. Thanks!

2. Game World Introduction

Soul Forge: Create a new life, live your dream and unleash your might!

Soul Forge is a persistent world created with Neverwinter Nights. We are one of the oldest and most popular game worlds, having been active since June 2002. We have an experienced staff, a large player base and a great game world waiting for you to explore. Soul Forge is almost always up 24/7, so whenever you feel the urge to play, we're here for you.

And we are truly a world where the above motto can become reality. For many of us, Soul Forge is much like a second home and another life. Whether you wish to become a great and powerful adventurer, a wealthy capitalist, or just sit around the tavern telling your tales over a hearty ale, Soul Forge offers you all these opportunities plus countless more. Because at its heart, Soul Forge is a persistent world created for every gaming type. We welcome everyone and are happy to be home to both serious role-players and skilled power gamers.

Currently our world offers the gamer many things:

  • A unique setting with a strong overall theme and story. We have developed a strong story that is told in game, as well as many opportunities to participate in side stories and DM led adventures
  • A reasonable and steady level and wealth progression. Soul Forge allows any player to progress into mid levels and acquire nice equipment with just a little effort. However, if you enjoy a real challenge, you can adventure to the peak of your advancement and strive to acquire hard to find items and acquire great wealth.
  • An attentive staff that listens to player suggestions. We are happy to listen to players suggestions as long as they presented in a positive and respectful manner. We have, over time, implemented many player suggestions into Soul Forge.
  • Interesting and numerous magic items. We have put a lot of our time into make magic items that are not overpowering, yet give the players access to useful and needed equipment. We have also created a custom ILR system that allows us to make epic items that players can work toward, and also items that attempt to make all classes enjoyable and useful to play.
  • Possibilities for political roleplay with several power groups, noble titles and feuding towns and cities.
  • Friendly player base. If you are undecided drop by our discord, tell players you are new, and chat a bit about our server before you give us a try.
  • Many different dungeons and terrains for combat. We offer challenging dungeons for every level and type. We have open-air areas to test your skill in desert, forest, snow, swamp, mountain, jungle, and wasteland combat. We have many different dungeons that have well defined back stories and plots. Travel to lots elven cities, bandit lairs, great drow cities, and kingdoms in other planes. We also have epic dungeons for the truly powerful that take players to long forgotten creature's lairs, ancient temples, vampire keeps, and into the bowels of the abyss itself.
  • A modified CNR tradeskill system. For those players who wish to progress as capitalists and businessmen, our tradeskill system allows you to make gold either selling your wares in game to PC's or NPC's. To allow for selling of wares to NPC's, we have developed item pricing that allows to make a steady living as a crafter.

3. World Overview

Account of Ilesdean, Scribe of Davenport, on the coming of the Third Age.

And so it has come to this. It was not yet that long ago that all races of Arkon celebrated the glory of the second age, what many will now surely refer to as it's golden age. It was a time where all of Arkon enjoyed great growth and prosperity. In this time, the City of Davenport was forged into a great trade power, perhaps the grandest city on Arkon if not the largest. There on their island in the center of lake hope, Davenport trade halls came to rival perhaps even the old trade houses in the old world. In the forests of Nabaal, the Elven city of Sylvany found new above the old growth of the woods. Its white marble gleams in the sunlight with blue sky above and green treetops below. Deep in the halls of the Stone Home Mountains, the Dwarven city of Dillinar grew in its majesty as well, fueled by the riches in their mines and a newfound relationship with the Gnomish city of Jerstien. Ah, and what a city Jerstien has become dear fellows! The Gnomes now live in grandeur. While their city may seem odd at first glance to an outsider, Jerstien does indeed hold many riches for those who are willing to learn the gnomish ways of things. The sleepy hobbit town of Hillshire may not have grown much in size or wealth, but the halflings can count as much personal enrichment as anyone during this period. And we should not forget all the new towns that have sprung up around the realms during the Golden Age...

Ah but I go on, perhaps focusing a bit much on the glories of the past. For it was those past glories that have contributed to the current situation of the world as we know it. For it was our own shortsightedness that allowed Arkon to slip from its Golden Age and begin its decent into this third age, an age of war and destruction that is slowly
moving its way across the realm. Between infighting among the great cities and their citizens pre-occupation with their own wealth, threats were caught too late. When stories began filtering into the cities of a looming threat in the east, most dismissed it as tales of inept adventures who perhaps should not have faced challenges they were not ready for.
But it was more of a threat than anyone gave credit for. The forces of Lord Kai were once thought to pose little threat to the realms. But we all misjudged, for as his forces mustered strength, our focus was elsewhere. And we did not act until it was too late. The evils of Kai swept from the eastern waste and poured into the civilized realm with his war and destruction in their wake. As the armies of Kai marched across the realm, the cities in their wake could do little to halt them. Davenport and Dillinar were the first cities in Kai's path. As his forces gained more ground, the armies of men and dwarf were forced to retreat farther. Now the evil fog of Kai has spread almost to the doorstep of their homes, and men and dwarves alike have been forces to put aside petty differences for the common good of all. All of the races now realize the circumstances Arkon faces, for if the cities of Davenport and Dillinar fall, Sylvanny, Jerstien, and Hillshire will be next in the wake of Kai.

The Age of War has cast its shadow now on all of Arkon. The glories of the Golden Age have all but passed, and the harsh realities of what the world has come to are beginning to sink it. We have little recourse now but to band together and fight for our homes, for our children, and for our way of life. If we do not, then perhaps all that the second age has brought us will be lost.

4. Deities at a glance

We have 18+1 unique and well defined dieties. These allow for players to roleplay new and unique gods, but they are also well intertwined and represented in our gameworld. So you should never feel you worship a god that does not have a focus in our world.

Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
TalyraAmantaNirem Fuzzlefoot
Domains: Good, Protection Domains: Healing, Good Domains: Good, Travel
Domains: Sun, Death Domains: Protection, Earth Domains: Trickery, Plant
Typical Followers: Judges, watchmen, Knights of the Golden Shield rulers Typical Followers: Healers,alchemists, midwives, mothers,the sickTypical Followers: Halflings,peasants, bakers
Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Domains: Earth, Strength,Domains: Sun, Knowledge,Domains: Plant, Magic,
Domains: Protection, GoodDomains: Fire, HealingDomains: Air, Healing
Typical followers: Dwarves craftsmenTypical Followers: Scholars, librarians,seers, bards, fathers, DavenportTypical Followers: Elves, hunters,animals, sylvan creatures
Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Demi-god: Fen Alin'dor..
Domains: Knowledge, Travel...
Typical Followers: Lovers (often unhappy),bards, actors, artists, diplomats..
Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Lunias Varazlo Cao
Domains: Air, Earth, Domains: Magic, Knowledge Domains: Strength, War
Domains: Water, Magic Domains: Water, Destruction Domains: Animal, Sun
Typical Followers: Outsiders,melancholics, shapechangers, defected drow, diplomats, sailors Typical Followers: Mystics, mages,gnomes, Svirfneblin, fey Typical Followers: Barbarians, soldiers, gladiators, pagans, thrill seekers
Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Obi-Kalum Yoldana Scartlet
Domains: Knowledge, Fire Domains: Animal, Plant Domains: Trickery, Travel
Domains: Travel, Trickery Domains: Earth, Water Domains: Knowledge, Air
Typical Followers: Monks,philosophers,secretive folk, the wise, the old Typical Followers: Druids, pagans, mothers Typical Followers: Children, thieves, madmen,
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil
Korosa Izobranet Okeah
Domains: War, Fire Domains: Evil, Destruction Domains: Air, Water
Domains: Protection, Evil Domains: Strength, War Domains: Destruction, Travel
Typical Followers: The Dark Legion,tyrants, judges, beholders, duergar Typical Followers: Drow, manipulators,those who are evil for evil's own sake Typical Followers: Madmen, sailors,pirates, fanatics, fey
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil
Zeeks Utkozet Gruul
Domains: Trickery, Fire Domains: Evil, Death Domains: War, Evil
Domains: Animal, Death Domains: Destruction, Magic Domains: Strength, Death
Typical Followers: Goblins, kobolds,underlings, cultists, heretics,torturers, drow minions Typical Followers: Undead, relatives of deceased criminals,necromancers,the power hungry Typical Followers: Killers, orcs, ogres