Other Changes

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  • The caps for ability bonus, attack bonus, damage bonus, save bonus, skills bonus and dodge ac have all been raised to 100.

Spell changes

  • Flame weapon and dark fire spell can be cast on gauntlets (useful for monks). This also works for flame potions.
  • Weapon buffs can be cast on a character and the off-hand weapon will be selected automatically when appropriate.

Weapon changes

  • Quarterstaffs are configured as as monk weapon (get the monk attack progression for number of attacks like with the kama if you are monk).
  • Shurikens are a monk weapon.

Mechanics / rules changes

  • Physical damage resistance from items is stacking. This means Damage Resistance: Bludgeoning Resist x / -, Damage Resistance: Piercing Resist x / - and Damage Resistance: Slashing Resist x / -.

Movement Speed

  • Movement speed increase on roads.
  • Movement speed decrease in water.