Services for players

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  • Housing: add your own house to the module and get a port stone to get there.

  • Servervault consolidation: Have you played with more than one Name/GSID in the past but don't want to anymore? All or some of your characters can be moved into one vault. No progress information will be lost.

  • Custom Armor: If you would like to customize your armor you may do so in the toolset. Contact a DM for assistance (for example in Discord).

  • If you like to use your own character portraits, please use this guideline to make it happen: Custom Portraits

Option to play with 2 characters

  • it is possible to play with 2 different CDKEYs via the same Playername (different characters)
  • To link your CDKEYS, please use !cdkey chat commands
  • Please note: if someone tells you something, it will always go to the first character logged in.