Multiple accounts

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Access per player name

On the Soul Forge server the permission to connect is granted per player name (account name).

Manage more than one cdkey

If you have more than one cdkey, because you bought more than one instance of the game for example, and want to allow your other cdkeys to connect to the same playername use the !cdkey chat commands.

If you are using 2 or more accounts at the same time I would recommend to use only one playername and use the !cdkey chat command to add the other cdkeys to that playername.
It is then possible to connect with 2 game instances (see also More than one NWN instance on the same computer) to the same playername. That way you can play any combination of characters you wish. Also all your characters share the same persistent storage and house.

Please note: if someone tells you something, it will always go to the first character logged in.

If you have used multiple playernames in the past contact --HA-- on discord to transfer your characters to one playername, if you wish to change to that system.