Wood Crafting

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Wood crafting combines carpentry, bow crafting and fletching. Wood Crafting also involves harvesting wood. This is done by equipping a Woodcutter’s Axe and using it to bash a Hickory Tree, a Mahogany Tree or an Oak Tree. Trees produce branches that can be turned into wood shafts, wood planks and wood staves. To create wood crafting items, the Carpenters Bench must be used while possessing a Set of Carpenter’s Tools. The recipe items are placed into the device and if successful, the item is placed in the player’s inventory. If unsuccessful, the items are destroyed. Wood Crafting recipes can be found in the CNR Recipe Spreadsheet. Dexterity (55%) and Strength (45%) are key abilities for Wood Crafting.

Specific Tips on Bowmaking:

To make bows you will need a woodcutters axe, carpenters tools and bowstrings.

First cut branches of either hickory, oak or mahogany. The woods increase in order of difficulty and quality of end product from hickory upwards. You must have a woodcutters axe equipped to cut wood.

Place the branches into the carpenters workbench. You must have a set of carpenters tools in your inventory to use the workbench. From the menus you create either short staves (for shortbows) or long staves (for longbows). The sawdust you receive as a waste product can either be thrown away / sold to shop / used for making paper.

The completed staves should be placed back into the workbench along with bowstrings (ratio of 1:1). From the menu you can now select to make a bow. Bowstrings can either be bought from a shop or crafted from spider silk using the tailoring skill and a bottle of almond oil (only 1 bottle of almond oil is ever needed).

To make composite bows (more powerful and harder to craft) you should place a completed bow along with 2 bow cams into the carpenters workbench. A composite bow can then be chosen from the menus, if your bowcrafting skill is high enough. Bow cams are made from platinum using the tinkering skill.