Commitment Stones

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There are various ways to travel on Soul Forge. However if you like to start your journeys more than once from a certain location and you do not like to travel first via coach, ship or even on foot to this location each time, Soul Forge offers you the possibility to commit (mostly in a temple of one of our dieties).

Types of Commitment Stones

The blue Commitment Stone.

  • this stone can also be used in combat.
  • if you commit at a location, the stone gets set to that location.
  • you can commit several times to a location, just in case you like to re-set the blue Commitment Stone to this location

The Epic Commitment Stone.

  • this stone cannot be used in combat.
  • It's first Commitment Location is the Lounge by default.
  • It 'remembers' all the locations you once committed to.
  • Depending on the number of locations you have, the below listed table might be different in comparison to the list that is shown if you activate the Epic Commitment Stone.

The Commitment Token

  • this token was available for characters which have been created before the Epic Commitment Stone has been implemented. It was used to be able to travel to a 2nd location directly and you were able to purchase it from a temple. Since the Epic Commitment Stone is now in place, you cannot buy this token anymore, nor do you need it.

Soulforge Lounge Port Stone

  • The stone can only be used to port back into the Lounge.
  • This stone is fixed to this location. you cannot change it.

Where can I commit?

There are currently the following locations where you can commit (the list shown when activating your Epic Commitment Stone may differ):

# Location Person to talk to
Lounge (default value, does not count as commit location)
1 Burning Rock Eruragor
2 Kern's Flatlands: Temple of Amanta Jenna Miller
3 The Underdark: Abandoned Caves North Passage Pain Brother Zarthis
4 Sudak: Temple of Korosa Lower Levels Judge Betta
5 Davenport: Temple of Divine Light Bishop Dallin
6 Dillinar: The Temple of Khardum Althjov the Bald
7 Fort Rittern Chapel of Talyra Father Barrat
8 Glitter Down: Temple of Varazlo and Gem Exhibit Deepsage and Gem Polisher Sugo
9 Hillshire Pastor Frederick
10 Jerstien: Temple of Contrivence Perappigrig Templeman
11 The Realm of Kai: Hidden Shrine of Korosa Canick Jeross
12 Sylvany: Temple of Elayrhen Gullvejg Cleric
13 The Hamlet of Sunscale Benedetta Olivia Aglauros
14 Field of Pain: Temple of Light Samantha
15 Inlul Che'el: Du'ased qu'ellar d'Lunias - Blessed House of Lunias Priestess Lymediira
16 Stonehome Mountains: Miners Peak - Outskirt of Dillinar Franz Samir Bergpfahrer
17 Aman Ramba: Shrine of the Forests Spiritual Guide Dlensisai
18 Field of Pain: Harbor Market Temple Leonie Samar
19 Mountains of Khûm Khum Vikar
20 Mor'Thek: Peaks of Eternal Darkness Aequitas
21 Treasure Island: Lighthouse Bram Likedeeler

The current list of max commit locations per player you can find here: Commit Location Top List